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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Emmie & Josh Engaged | Utah Wedding Photographer

The snow makes a beautiful backdrop for pictures, but honestly I'm getting tired of the same backdrop! We even had a late winter but I'm ready for a nice green valley to take pictures in. 

These two were such troopers.  We met them in downtown Logan to start out and it was so cold!  Both Brandi and I about lost a thumb (weird side note: left thumb, both of us, not used for manipulating the camera, what's up with that?).  We had to hop back in the car a few times to get warmed up.  We took them to see the sites around downtown and then headed to a gorgeous orchard to wrap things up.  I love how they all turned out.  

Yesterday we went out and took her bridals. I can't wait to share those!  But of course I can't until after the wedding, he hasn't seen her dress yet.  Stay tuned!


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