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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kacee + Shane Formals | Northern Utah Wedding Photographer

I love it when a photo shoot comes with a good story! This one has a few.  We started in downtown Logan at the Caine Theater, this couple are both vocal artists and had special memories at this spot.  We did their first look there and headed to another spot just a few blocks away.  After that we asked them to follow us to the next location.  We are driving along and we see in the rear view mirror them getting pulled over!  She had decided not to buckle up because of the dress and got busted.  Luckily the Logan police took pity on her and let her off with a warning.  

So we get to our last location, and I get this great idea for a shot (it's the last one here) and I want her to tromp out into the snow in her dress.  She was game for it but she only had heels on.  So I took off my boots and gave them to her.  I had a pair of clogs in the car.  So we both head out into the snow.  I get the shot and quickly realize I'm stuck and I can't get myself out because I am holding the camera.  In the mean time, Brandi is taking the couple off to the next shot and no one hears my whining.  Finally, Brandi did hear me and came out to rescue me.  My clogs were full of snow.  But it made for a gorgeous shot!


  1. Nice job! And what a beautiful bouquet the bride is holding!

  2. These are so gorgeous!!! Your wedding photography is amazing!!!

  3. Such an amazing couple! Glad you got out of the snow!


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