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Monday, October 7, 2013

My | Logan Utah Senior Portrait Photographer

I'm so excited that there are so many Utah seniors recently who have decided to get their senior portraits done in the fall!  It's so beautiful in Cache Valley this time of year.  This cute girl put hers off for a couple of weeks just to see if the colors would change.  They didn't.  We still had so much fun though!

My is pretty much one of the most adorable people I have ever met!  She was so much fun and was game for anything.  She was so smart! She had several outfit changes she wanted so she had clothes underneath everything so she could just change wherever she wanted.

At the end of the shoot we drove around frantically looking for a good place to catch the sunset.  We wandered out into a field and got some shots but then got chased out by mosquitoes! They were so bad.  You could see them in a lot of the pictures (of course they all got edited out).  They were HUGE! But she was a really good sport about it. Prepare for image overload because I just loved so many of them!

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  1. Fantastic!! She is gorgeous and your utah senior photography working is amazing - love it!


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