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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Josh | Salt Lake City Senior Portrait Photographer

Winter is just about upon us which means that the outdoor photography season may be coming to and end soon.  Luckily I got to work in this awesome Senior before the weather changed.  Josh is a Senior at Alta High School.  I love doing Senior pics in Salt Lake because it challenges me.  I can't rely on going to the same locations I shoot at in Cache Valley so it makes me get more creative.  Both he and his mother had gone out spotting for locations and both of them had decided this park would make a good spot, separately.  So it must have been a great space!  It did have a pretty awesome tree in it.

These two were so much fun to work with! I felt like I kind of forced Josh to play a little soccer at the end because I love to do the athlete shots so much.  In fact, I probably show case them a little too much because I had someone ask me if I just do regular Senior Portraits and not just sports ones.  I promise, I do, and I love to do those just as much!

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