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Monday, January 21, 2013

Kensie + Parker Engagements | Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

It's January in Cache Valley, which usually means cold.  Bitter cold.  Days that don't get up above 10 degrees cold.  We had been having a good week of that kind of weather when a storm finally decided to come through.  It warmed all the way up to 30 degrees and we got to head out to take this cute couple's engagement pictures.  We watched the weather all day and were set to shoot at 3:00.  It didn't snow at all...until 3:00.  

It made for gorgeous pictures though.  We took a couple of shots at a park and then headed to the car to warm up.  Then we went to a gorgeous orchard on the campus of USU to get a few more.  We took the cold as long as we could but we all gave into it and had to call it a day.  

We really could have shot these two for hours more though if the weather had cooperated.  Once we were in the car and headed home it turned into a blizzard.  In the end I'm really glad it snowed, it made for some gorgeous engagement pictures.


  1. What amazing images! Love them!! :)

  2. What a beautiful couple! The location is perfect...I love the ones with the trees and the hint of color with the leaves.

  3. So lovely .. I am envious of all that snow to photograph in ..

  4. LOVE The last one! (And her green pants!)


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