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Monday, June 2, 2014

A Family | Logan Utah Family Portrait Photographer

I am slowly working my way through blogging so many sessions.  I used to be so good at blogging, but then life got in the way or something profound like that.  We have been having a lot of fun here at the Campbell house!  We've been to Southern Utah on a mini vacation (Bryce Canyon=stunning, can't believe we had never been there before) and we headed up to the cabin.  We are getting lots of projects done around the house that I personally thought would never get done. Blogging just kind of got put on the back burner.   But here's my half year new years resolution, I hereby promise to at least TRY to be better at blogging.  I may even share some vacation pictures, aren't you excited?!?! One good thing about the internet though, if you don't want to sit through my vacation pictures you aren't trapped at my house, you can just close down your browser haha!

I had the great honor of photographing this family session back in April.  If you know them, then you know just how awesome they are!  These were some extremely well behaved kids too.  They all got along great and sat through tons of different settings without one complaint.  One thing I am not, is a child photographer.  There are a lot of photographers who focus mostly on babies and children, but that's not my thing.  The littlest in this family just about had my mind changed on that entirely!  She is a little spitfire, and could easily become my muse!  All of the kids were just too cute.  Now, as I write this blog post, the greatest thing is happening.  This cute family is moving into my neighborhood!  Which hopefully means I will get to see a lot more of them.  I can't wait!

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