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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anica & David - Northern Utah Engagement Photographer

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Brandi let me help her out with some engagements for this cute couple.  They are getting married on June 1st (my birthday for those who are wanting to send cards, flowers, gifts, etc.) and I will be helping again to second shoot their wedding.

They were so much fun to be around!  You could just tell that they were really comfortable with each other and will have a great life together.  They were great sports too, because the day of their scheduled shoot it started to rain.  So we took a few shots and then had to reschedule for another night.  Between both Brandi and I, they probably got a million shots, so I hope they don't have too hard of a time picking which ones they want to use.  There were just so many cute ones to chose from!

Keep checking back for more cute photos of these two, we still get to shoot their formals and their wedding!  You can also keep up with me on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

McKenzie B - Mt. Crest Senior Model 2013 - Northern Utah Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet McKenzie B, my second model from Mt. Crest and my second model named McKenzie.  Luckily I didn't have to look far to find this gorgeous girl, she lives right down the street.  She has the funnest personality and the cutest dang smile!  I'm so lucky to get to work with these awesome girls.

It's April, in Utah, which means that the weather can change at any moment.  The day we had scheduled it rained, and rained, we had a conversation about maybe rescheduling but I told her to come to the house and we would at least take a few in the studio.  We got a couple of cute shots and decided to try a couple just around the outside of the house.  By the time we were done with that it was starting to clear up a bit so we headed to the park, where it turned out to be a bright and sunny evening.  You've got to love spring in Utah.

If you go to Mt. Crest and would like a discount on your Senior Portraits, find McKenzie, she's got a deal for you.  You can also keep up with me on Facebook, I will be posting future deals on there!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

McKenzie A - Mt. Crest Senior Model 2013 - Northern Utah Senior Portrait Photographer

McKenzie A is the first of my Senior Models from Mt. Crest.  She is a very busy girl, but luckily we found some time to take some pictures during spring break.  Only problem was, she had to get her hair done at 7:00 in the morning to get to her shoot at 8:45.... on spring break....when she could have been sleeping in!  Poor girl, but I appreciate her sacrifice in getting up so early. Another problem with getting up that early is that in April in Cache Valley it isn't exactly warm at that time of day.  Every chance we got she threw her jacket on to help keep warm.  It didn't help much though because we both felt like we were going to lose fingers and toes by the time it was over.

Afterward we were done,  I got in my truck, cranked the heat, went home, cranked the heat, and by about 3:00 in the afternoon I had finally warmed up.

Thanks Mckenzie for being such a great sport, I hope the cold didn't cause any permanent nerve damage.  Here's to a great Senior year!  If you go to Mt. Crest and would like a discount on your Senior Portraits, find Mckenzie, she's got a deal for you.  Also, keep up with me on Facebook where I will be posting deals in the future!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Makenna - Sky View Senior Model 2013 - Northern Utah Senior Portrait Photographer

I am so excited to start my Senior Model program for next year!  I've already got some great girls lined up and I can't wait to work with them through the 2012-2013 school year.  They all seem so much more grown up that I was when I was a Junior in high school. I hope they all enjoy "working" with me and that they have the best Senior year ever!

Meet Makenna, she will be a Senior this year at Sky View High School.  She loves softball and has the biggest, most infectious smile ever! We had a great time on our shoot (even though I almost made her lay in dog poop) (it didn't happen, calm down!).  She was game to let me take as many shots, which I did and it probably made her mom late for an appointment she had.

If you attend Sky View, track Makenna down.  She has a deal for you.  Thanks Makenna for being my Model and good luck on your Senior year!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Elizabeth - Northern Utah Portrait Photographer

First off, an apology.  I have been so good at keeping up with posting things to Facebook, but I am not so good at posting on the Blog it seems.  You can follow me on Facebook by clicking "Like" HERE. I'm much more on top of things there for some reason.

Liz came to me by way of Brandi, she saw how beautiful Brandi turned out in her pictures and lucky for me she wanted some of her own.  She doesn't generally wear a lot of makeup so when we were done applying it, it seemed so dark but I think she looked really beautiful.  I told her, while we were taking her pictures, that it didn't really seem like it could be a real makeover because she was just naturally beautiful.  She brought her baby Elliot along.  He was the most chill little guy you would ever meet.  He sat in his car seat most of the time and hardly made a noise.  He has the cutest cheeks that you just want to eat!

And so you can see cute Elliot for yourselves,
See, now you want to eat his cheeks!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rachelle - Northern Utah Portrait Photographer

Rachelle and I have shared an office for nearly 10 years now. I'm not sure there is another person besides my husband who knows me quite as well.  She helped me plan my wedding and I got to time contractions when she had her last baby.  We spend a lot of time forced together by work but luckily we have become very good friends.

I was worried a bit about this shoot because the weather forecast called for rain and I wasn't sure what that meant for light in my studio since I rely on natural light. I haven't been using the studio for long I haven't gotten much practice in low light situations. We lucked out though and the weather cleared up enough to create some beautiful images. I think the studio is going to work out just fine.

Thanks to Rachelle for hanging in there when the weather didn't look too promising.  Come find me on Facebook and we can get you scheduled to look this great!