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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kaela + Darrell | Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

One of the most important things in a marriage, I think, is that a couple truly knows how to have fun together.  In fact, one of the things I say most to my husband is, "who has more fun than us?!".  Kaela and Darrell know how to have fun.  They loved to pull funny faces at each other to make the other laugh.  They both pulled awesome faces at the camera just to make us laugh.  He jumped over her just to get a great shot and apparently it's not the first time he's done this trick either.  They were a really fun couple.

Brandi invited me out on this shoot with her.  She is shooting their wedding in December and I will be second shooting it.  The house we went to in Paradise was just that, Paradise.  It was down a beautiful lane and the fall colors were just perfect.  I can't wait to see these guys again in December.  They really were that much fun!


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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nicole - Senior Model 2013 | Logan High Senior Photographer

Nicole is another one of my senior models for this year.  You can see her previous shoot here.  She is so much fun to work with and THOSE EYES!  I die.  When we met the first time we didn't have much of a plan on where to go for her pictures.  But this time she knew exactly where she wanted to go.  She wanted to shoot them on the campus of Logan High.  I have never been on the back side of that school and I was shocked!  It's gorgeous back there!  The river runs right through the campus and there are these awesome archways.  There were tons of trees and the leaves were so pretty.  I'm so glad she had that idea I will definitely be going back to shoot there.

I'm most thankful to Nicole for not laughing her head off when I fell into a mud puddle.  Yes, it's true, I did.  And if you know me very well, it's not hard to imagine me doing this.  I'm a natural born klutz.  I only fell a little into the puddle, but made a very big mess.  I'm classy like that :)

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Wood Family | Logan Utah Family Photographer

I have had the pleasure of taking pictures for this family a few times and I am happy to do it.  Their daughters and beautiful and so much fun.  The boys have a lot of energy and the youngest came with a great attitude this time.  I took the kids pictures last year and the mom's pictures this spring so it was only time to do the entire family's pictures.

They took me to a spot in Logan I didn't even know existed!  I'm sure there are plenty of photographers in Cache Valley that know about (since there was another family getting their pictures done when we got there)  but I had never even heard of it and it's right in the middle of Logan.  I loved that it had a little bit of everything, the cool rock walls, the wall full of graffiti, a nice scenic spot on the banks of the river, etc.  We had a lot of fun exploring Logan's nooks and crannies.  Thanks Wood family for letting me take your pictures and showing me new cool places to take pictures!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Maile - Senior Model 2013 | Logan High Senior Portrait Photographer

I started the Senior Model program in early spring this year, which meant that all of the models were still Juniors in high school.  So I promised them Senior Portraits when they were actually Seniors. Maile has been so much fun to work with.  Not only did I do her model shoot but I also got to take her family pictures this summer.  Seriously, her dimples are to die for!

We met in downtown Logan on yet another beautiful fall day in Cache Valley.  She let me drag her around town to a couple of different locations.  I had heard tale of a wall downtown where a lot of photographers have written sayings for pictures and we just happened to stumble upon it.  Although I wouldn't write on a building that wasn't mine, I will take advantage of what is already there!  

I hope Maile's Senior year at Logan High is the best it could possibly and the her future only holds great things (she already has BIG plans).  Thanks Maile for being so fun to work with.  

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Angela - Senior 2013 | Cache Valley Senior Photographer

There's nothing I love more than shooting senior portraits.  The kids this age are so fun to work with.  They have a sense of their own style and they have such great personalities.  Angela was all of these things.  She has the funnest personality and was up for anything.  When I was trying to think up a spot for this shoot, I kept coming back to downtown Logan.  I know the leaves are awesome right now and they make for a beautiful backdrop but I hadn't shot anything urban for awhile and decided to have her meet me there.  When I got there she told me how excited she was to be shooting downtown!  She said she wasn't much of a country type girl and she didn't care too much for floral backgrounds.  It must have been fate!  They turned out so cute, I'm glad we got the chance to meet.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jocelyn Bridals | Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

Jocelyn was one of those dream brides to photograph, so naturally beautiful and had a great personality.  Her mom and her sister came along for the shoot and they were so much fun to be around.  The lighting was perfect for this shoot.  That lovely autumn sunset that gives everything an awesome glow.  Thanks to Brandi Lyn Photography for letting me second shoot this bride.  We had too much fun!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Campbell Family - Logan Utah Family Photographer

I'm so grateful for the beautiful weather we have been having this fall. It makes such great pictures and the weather isn't so cold that everyone's noses aren't bright red for family pictures.  I have to admit right up front, I'm a little partial to this family since they are related.  This is my husband's younger brother and his handsome family.  They are always so fun to be around.  They are also some of the most well behaved kids. For the most part they were very happy to be getting their pictures taken and they listened so well.

We went to my favorite park and it's a lot of other photographers favorite park as well.  There were plenty of people there getting their family pictures taken.  It's the season and it's a beautiful park.