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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Senior Model Search | Logan, Cache Valley, Senior Portrait Photographer

It's that time of year again!  The search is on for this year's Senior Models.  If you know someone who is in the class of 2014, have them come here to the blog and click on the link for Senior Model 2014.  All the information is there. I am looking for Model's from Mt. Crest, Logan High, Sky View High, Bear River High, and Box Elder High.  The deadline for applying is March 5th.

I can NOT wait to meet this year's Model's!  The girls I had modeling this year for me were so much fun and a joy to be around.  Here's to another great year of Seniors!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Allie & Brady Engaged | Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

One of the best parts about being a photographer in Cache Valley is you get to go exploring to all of these fun barn locations.  Having a cowboy for a subject is a definitely added bonus.  These two fit so well in the rural environment we found for their pictures.  Of course it was cold, but he did his best to keep her warm.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kaela + Darrell Wedding | Cache Valley Wedding Photographer

Still playing a bit of catch up here on the blog. These are back from the good old days when we weren't stuck in a deep freeze and there was glorious grass, not snow cover.

This couple was one of the most fun that we worked with all year.  The were so sweet and so much in love. They were up for anything so we headed downtown Logan for their formals.  We don't do much there so it was fun to explore new territory.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Kensie + Parker Engagements | Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

It's January in Cache Valley, which usually means cold.  Bitter cold.  Days that don't get up above 10 degrees cold.  We had been having a good week of that kind of weather when a storm finally decided to come through.  It warmed all the way up to 30 degrees and we got to head out to take this cute couple's engagement pictures.  We watched the weather all day and were set to shoot at 3:00.  It didn't snow at all...until 3:00.  

It made for gorgeous pictures though.  We took a couple of shots at a park and then headed to the car to warm up.  Then we went to a gorgeous orchard on the campus of USU to get a few more.  We took the cold as long as we could but we all gave into it and had to call it a day.  

We really could have shot these two for hours more though if the weather had cooperated.  Once we were in the car and headed home it turned into a blizzard.  In the end I'm really glad it snowed, it made for some gorgeous engagement pictures.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Morgan | Logan Utah Senior Portrait Photographer

When I was a freshman at USU (that was like last week I think) my roommate had a niece who lived here in Logan and she and I became friends.  We hadn't seen each other in a long time, but thanks to the magic of Facebook, we got reconnected.  She asked me to shoot her daughter's senior pictures (which may give away the fact that I wasn't a freshman just last week) and I of course jumped at the chance since I love shooting seniors so much.

It was pretty snowy the day we had set to shoot, and the day after that, and the day after that, but we decided to just brave it by the third day and went out to get some shots.  She also wanted some pictures with her mom and grandpa.  I love those shots with family members! By about 30 minutes in we were all getting a little cold, and the snow really started to come down.  So we had to wrap it up a little early.  Which means you may be seeing more of this gorgeous girl at some point in the future. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Lauren + Matt Wedding | Cache Valley Wedding Photographer

I know I've talked a lot on this blog about magic.  But that's because I believe it's real.  At least when it comes to photography.  Some days you show up to do your job and magic comes with you.  This shoot was one of those times.  Brandi and I could not have asked for a more perfect shoot.

We had a very mild fall here in Cache Valley.  It seemed that winter didn't show up until halfway through December.  Even though I really wanted snow for Christmas (which we did get, in spades) I was so grateful for the weather this day.  It was so nice and warm!  We had to shoot in the early morning and we were worried it was going to be freezing, but it was beautiful!  And we found a beautiful spot to shoot in, Mantua, Utah.  The lake makes for a gorgeous background.

Thanks to this beautiful couple for waking up so early and braving what could have been the freezing cold.  They turned out so beautifully.  I'm just in love with these images.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Wade + Charlene Engagements | Logan Utah Wedding Photographer

Working with Brandi I have gotten to meet some really great people this year.  This bride and groom are no exception.  They are so in love and it just radiates from them.

We started this shoot in one of our favorite locations, we had been fighting the sunset for the last few months, chasing it earlier and earlier.  We realized, almost a little too late, that we were losing sun fast.  So we raced to the next location.  I'm not sure, but speed laws may have been broken!  We got lots of great images though and had so much fun with them.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Emilee + Juan | Ogden Utah Wedding Photographer

Every once in awhile you get a couple that you really connect with. This was definitely that couple.    We met Emilee and Juan on a late fall that that was still so beautiful and warm.  They are both from Ogden so we met them in Wellsville for their photo shoot.  It was an area that none of us were really familiar with but I think that worked to our advantage in some ways. We had to get out of comfort zone and push ourselves to be more creative.

These are probably some of my favorite images of the year (as you can probably tell since I used one on the welcome page to my website).  No, I take that back, these ARE my favorite pictures of the year so far!  I just love how they turned out.  I love the fall, so perfect for photography.

Tomorrow we shot their wedding pictures and I'm so excited!  They are getting married at the Salt Lake Temple (which I haven't shot at before) and their reception is in a refurbished warehouse.  It's going to be great I can already tell.  Because with these two, you get magic.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Emily + Jordan | Northern Utah Wedding Photographer

Doing a lot catching up on the blog this week, keep checking back, lots of updates!

Brandi and I headed out to do these engagement photos in Logan right after the snow had melted from our first snowstorm of the year.  It was cold out, very cold!  These two were such troopers! They were so much fun to hang out with and up for anything. We dragged them to several locations and they were more than happy to come along. We photographed their wedding in Cache Valley last week, I can't wait to share their formals with you!

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