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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fiefia Family | Logan Utah Family Photographer

We have had the best fall here in Cache Valley.  When the leaves started to turn early in September I really worried that it would be gone in a flash, but it has held on.  The one exception was the day we had planned to take this cute family's pictures.  We both kept a close eye on the weather and held out until the bitter end to see if it would change and it didn't so we had to reschedule.

The day we rescheduled for ended up being a beautiful day! And a lot of days since have been wonderful photography weather.  This family is the absolute funnest!  A lot of times older boys don't really love having their picture taken.  Their boys were the best sports and so much fun.  It was great to get to meet them and I hope I get to work with them again soon.

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