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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Adorn It | Utah Fashion Photography

You may remember me mentioning earlier in the summer that my makeup artist Ashley (or "The Amazing Ashley" as I like to call her) are doing a project where every other week we get together and practice doing our craft.  We sort of pick a theme, find models, and just go out and have fun.  These are images from one of these shoots.  Ashley put so much work in getting this all together!  She met with a stylist at Adorn It to borrow clothing from their store.  She them recruited two of her friends to be models for the evening and let me tell you, those girls rocked it!  Adorn It was so awesome to let us use their merchandise, they have the cutest clothes there!  They are also great advocates for helping other local business out any way they can.

For this shoot, we headed up to the campus of USU.  It was a really hot evening but the models were such great sports.  I also invited my friend Cindee along for the evening.  She and I went to the WPPI conference in Vegas together this spring and we had been wanting to shoot together ever since, we finally got our chance!  It worked out well with the two models because we each got to take one and go have fun, then we'd just switch and create more beautiful images.  We both just about died from dehydration (and I might have almost passed out a little, but who's counting), so remember your water bottles fellow photographers!

Here's some advice I have for you if you are getting Senior Portraits done, and even family pictures; Adding a makeup artist to a photo shoot makes such an amazing difference.  Please considering hiring one, even if you aren't doing a shoot with me.  Most know what looks good for the camera.  Of course, I mostly only trust Ashley with my clients, so I highly recommend using her.  I would be more than happy to pass along her telephone number to you.

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