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Monday, March 26, 2012

Before and After - Melissa - Northern Utah Portrait Photographer

Meet Melissa, our history together goes back almost longer than time itself.  We grew up a few blocks apart and through high school we were inseparable.  I could write post after post about our little adventures.  Like the time we went to girl's camp and while we were trying to get away from having to do dishes, I fell sideways into the river somehow dowsing my complete left side but leaving the right dry.  Melissa, standing on the banks, laughed so hard she....well let's just say she had to change her clothes too! (Hope she doesn't mind me telling that story, she probably doesn't, it was funny!)

Well, time went on, and we went in separate directions, but as luck would have it we both ended up buying houses in the same small town.  Only a few blocks apart.  

She was bringing me by the much anticipated Girl Scout Cookies when I showed her what I had been doing with makeovers.  She was totally game to let me make her over.  She dropped in one afternoon while she was running errands for her before picture.  We had such a good time, and luckily, neither one of us need a change of clothes when it was over!

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  1. Aimee I love you dearly and we do always have a such a good time together with lots of laughs! :-) Anybody thinking about doing this should just do it. It was really fun and Aimee can make anyone look good. She does amazing work! I will refer everyone to her. Thank you again!


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