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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rachelle - Northern Utah Portrait Photographer

Rachelle and I have shared an office for nearly 10 years now. I'm not sure there is another person besides my husband who knows me quite as well.  She helped me plan my wedding and I got to time contractions when she had her last baby.  We spend a lot of time forced together by work but luckily we have become very good friends.

I was worried a bit about this shoot because the weather forecast called for rain and I wasn't sure what that meant for light in my studio since I rely on natural light. I haven't been using the studio for long I haven't gotten much practice in low light situations. We lucked out though and the weather cleared up enough to create some beautiful images. I think the studio is going to work out just fine.

Thanks to Rachelle for hanging in there when the weather didn't look too promising.  Come find me on Facebook and we can get you scheduled to look this great!

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  1. Her eyes look so good in those pictures. Those are some great pictures.


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