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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Elizabeth - Northern Utah Portrait Photographer

First off, an apology.  I have been so good at keeping up with posting things to Facebook, but I am not so good at posting on the Blog it seems.  You can follow me on Facebook by clicking "Like" HERE. I'm much more on top of things there for some reason.

Liz came to me by way of Brandi, she saw how beautiful Brandi turned out in her pictures and lucky for me she wanted some of her own.  She doesn't generally wear a lot of makeup so when we were done applying it, it seemed so dark but I think she looked really beautiful.  I told her, while we were taking her pictures, that it didn't really seem like it could be a real makeover because she was just naturally beautiful.  She brought her baby Elliot along.  He was the most chill little guy you would ever meet.  He sat in his car seat most of the time and hardly made a noise.  He has the cutest cheeks that you just want to eat!

And so you can see cute Elliot for yourselves,
See, now you want to eat his cheeks!

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