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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nicole - Senior Model 2013 | Logan High Senior Photographer

Nicole is another one of my senior models for this year.  You can see her previous shoot here.  She is so much fun to work with and THOSE EYES!  I die.  When we met the first time we didn't have much of a plan on where to go for her pictures.  But this time she knew exactly where she wanted to go.  She wanted to shoot them on the campus of Logan High.  I have never been on the back side of that school and I was shocked!  It's gorgeous back there!  The river runs right through the campus and there are these awesome archways.  There were tons of trees and the leaves were so pretty.  I'm so glad she had that idea I will definitely be going back to shoot there.

I'm most thankful to Nicole for not laughing her head off when I fell into a mud puddle.  Yes, it's true, I did.  And if you know me very well, it's not hard to imagine me doing this.  I'm a natural born klutz.  I only fell a little into the puddle, but made a very big mess.  I'm classy like that :)

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  1. So, so cute!! I just love the ones on the steps. Great work, Aimee!


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